July 24

Cody Johnson proves George Strait is Timeless in ‘You Look So Good in Love’ Cover

“You Look So Good in Love” is a George Strait original song that was released in September 1983. To pay tribute to him, Texas singer-songwriter Cody Johnson sang a stripped-down rendition of this song.


Cody Johnson proves George Strait is Timeless in ‘You Look So Good in Love’ Cover 1

At the beginning of the video he says, “I’d take this time to record my favorite George Strait songs of all time, I’ve been very honored by George’s team to pick a song from his hits for the month of October and there’s been a lot of milestones for the month of October over the last couple of years. My favorite has to be ‘You Look So Good in Love.’ I’m gonna do the best I can. Here’s to you, George.”

George Strait had an album Strait Out of the Box: Part 2 so artists shared the covers of their favorite Strait tracks. While sitting in a field, Johnson pours his heart out and sang ‘You Look So Good in Love.’ Here’s the video below.


‘You Look So Good in Love’

This is a song written by Glen Ballard, Rory Michael Bourke and Kerry Chater and it was the lead single for George Strait’s album Right or Wrong. It is about a guy looking at his ex-girlfriend who is now in-love with another guy. He realizes just how happy his former lover looks now that she’s fallen in love. Although he feels sorry for himself, a part of him realizes it wasn’t meant to be.

Another interesting fact about the original music video of this song is that George disliked the   “slow-paced and romantic theme” so he asked for it to be taken off the air. He refused to do music videos for several more years afterward.

Check out one of George Strait’s live performances of this song here.


I personally felt the regret both singers felt about losing the ex-girlfriend but I guess it true when they say that you don’t what you got ’til it’s gone.


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