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Listen to Garth Brooks’ 6th Chart-Topping Song “The Thunder Rolls”

This Garth Brooks track, “The Thunder Rolls” would not have been his song if not for Tanya Tucker. The song “The Thunder Rolls” was originally recorded by Tanya but it never saw the light of day. Fortunately, Garth picked it up for his final track in his album No Fences. It then became his 6th single to reach the top of the charts.

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Garth Brooks Sings “The Thunder Rolls”

The song was penned by Garth Brooks and Pat Alger. The singer already had the vision of marriage and affair while writing the song. He wanted to explore the idea of the man and woman who goes through this type of situation.

They have recorded the song live with no overdubs and no second takes. This only proves the artistry of Garth and Alger. The singer explained the process of conceptualizing the song:

There is no doubt that the toughest song in the GB catalog has to be ‘The Thunder Rolls.’ This song came out fighting the day it was released. Originally cut by Tanya Tucker in 1988, it was never put on an album. It came back to us in time for No Fences. My hat’s off to Pat Alger, a great writer and friend, and to music itself, because only music could withstand what this song has gone through.

Lyrics Breakdown

Tells the lady in the mirror, he won’t do this again
‘Cause tonight will be the last time, she’ll wonder where he’s been

This was a controversial song for Garth Brooks. While listening to the track, you can already hear the anguish and angst that was coming from the country singer’s voice. The theme of the song plays on the idea that the woman is already tired of the affair of her husband.

She is thinking if she wants to end his life or her life because it is becoming harder and harder each day. This is the effect of having a broken relationship. The two people that are involved are in a constant battle with their demons and with each other makes every day difficult. So, make sure to enter a relationship where you can fully trust your partner.

Listen to Garth Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls” below:


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