January 22

Elvis Presley’s Gives New Sound to “Guitar Man”

There are many reasons why Elvis Presley is called a legend; one of them is his rendition of Jerry Reed’s “Guitar Man.” Despite being known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis showcased he was capable of any genre and covered new versions of the song. 

Jerry Reed’s “Guitar Man” resembles Elvis Presley‘s cover. Rock and roll music is played for both. However, Presley’s is preferred as it has cleaner and more remarkable characteristics. 

But did you know that one notable difference between Jerry’s and Elvis’s versions is that Elvis added a little country music spice to his? Yes, they both sound rock and roll, but you can hear a tidbit of country music’s influence on Elvis’s version.

Jerry Reed first recorded “Guitar Man” in 1967 for his album “The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed.” The Billboard Hot Country Songs list pegged his rendition of the song at number fifty-three. Elvis Presley recorded his version of “Guitar Man” after the first release. In 1967 and 1981, he recorded and re-released the song two more times. 

It landed at number 43 on the pop list, had some crossover success, and climbed to the top of the country chart. His posthumous version in 1981, with his original voice accompanied by a new electronic arrangement, actually saw higher success.

Another thing that amazes fans is that Elvis mentioned being frustrated that he couldn’t record a better version of the song than Jerry. The King even sent Jerry a note and claimed he was brought in to assist Elvis in finding his rhythm while creating a rendition of the song.

“To tell you the truth, I was on cloud nine. And once Elvis got the spirit, things really began to happen,” Jerry said when he eventually managed to get Elvis fired up during the recording.

Elvis Presley’s “Guitar Man” version was considered superior to the original. He was able to give the song a new sound, which entailed many listeners. Additionally, their collaboration revealed a far tighter bond between “The King of Rock and Roll” and “The Good Ol’ Boy.”

Interested? You can Listen to Elvis Presley’s “Guitar Man” right now by clicking the video below.


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