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Jerry Reed Is Not Just A Singer But Also A “Guitar Man”

Jerry Reed

He was the tall guy with a blond hair Western singer from Atlanta Georgia. Also, Jerry Reed was a songwriter. Moreover, he penetrated the world of movies and televisions. Jerry Reed was indeed a good-humored guy just like what he portrays in the movies. Even behind cameras, he was still comedic. He was also known as the “Good Ol’ Boy” of country music. And most of all, he was considered as the “Guitar Man” due to his great talent. Undeniably, Jerry Reed became the multi-media man of his time.

Jerry Reed, as a child, promised himself to go to Nashville and be a “star.” And he did, he became one of the biggest country stars in history. Reed recorded a bunch of songs which topped the country charts. Also, he won several awards.

Let’s once more recollect the memories of the “Good Ol’ Boy” Jerry Reed through his performance of the “Guitar Man.” The video shows how good and easy he plucks and strums his guitar. Undeniably, he can play any kind of songs.

Bit About Jerry Reed…

Born Jerry Reed Hubbard on March 20, 1937, in Atlanta, Georgia, Reed had always known his ultimate goal in life even as a child.

Furthermore, Reed had a rough early life due to his parents’ separation. Together with his sister, they had to shift from orphanages and foster homes to another to get by with their lives. Finally, they reunited with their mother in 1944.

Although he did not have a stable home life, Jerry Reed continued to enhance his skills in music. By the time he reached high school, he was already writing his songs and singing impressively. His hard work paid off after he signed a contract with Bill Lowery, a record producer, and publisher. Reed was only 18 years old then.

Guitar Man…

Jerry Reed recorded “Guitar Man” in 1967 under his album “The Unbelievable Guitar And Voice Of Jerry Reed.” On the other hand, Elvis Presley recorded his rendition and placed the song at No.53 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart while Reed placed at No.43.

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