Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si Shares His “Secret” Tea Recipe


Arden Lambert


May 15, 2022


May 15, 2022


May 15, 2022

Duck Dynasty, a popular American reality TV show, is all about the Robertson family and their business – the Duck Commander, which is the leading manufacturer and seller of duck hunting products. But in between the hunting and all the other shenanigans is Uncle Si, his jug of tea, and of course, his infamous plastic tea cup, which he held when he was being honored for being a Vietnam veteran in one episode. 

And season after season of the show, Uncle Si and his tea became more increasingly popular. And that was why they created a merchandise line for him, which includes tea glasses and even his very own line of tea! 

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But even after the show ended in 2017, Uncle Si’s tea remained in-demand to a point that people were asking how to make it from home. And the Duck Commander luckily heard all of these requests, so they had Uncle Si film a video on how to prepare his healthy concoction. 

In the video, Uncle Si started with a microwavable bowl wherein he put five family-sized tea bags. He also noted that he personally preferred the strength of his tea to be stout. And then, he popped it inside the microwave and set the timer for 6 minutes. After that, he prepared his gallon jug by filling it with water until it was ¾ full. 

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And then, when the bowl is ready, take it out and cover it with a plate to let the tea ‘seep.’ After the water has cooled, pour the tea bag bowl into the jug, and there you have it!

The secret recipe, which is now not-so-secret anymore, has definitely raked in a lot of comments especially surprise. Most were surprised that Uncle Si’s tea is unsweet, which is something like a “crime” in the South, while some were shocked that it was that simple. 

It was a long time before we finally discovered the recipe to the highly in-demand tea, but it was definitely worth it. You can watch and follow the tutorial video below. 


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