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Dolly Parton Gifted Fans With A Rare Glimpse Of Her Without A Wig

Standing at exactly 5 feet, Dolly Parton is everything her name suggests – a real-life dainty Barbie all dolled-up with her bold make-up, blonde hair, and high heels. Though despite her small stature, the country singer has always been larger than life. And that’s not just credited to her legendary huge amount of talent or her big heart but also her iconic poufed wigs. 

Dolly Parton On-Stage: The Flashy, Extravagant Hairstyle 

Yes, you read that right. The blonde bombshell’s signature extravagant hairdo is not her natural hair. 

In her book Songteller: My Life in Lyrics, Dolly fondly shared that back in her teenage years, she had always dreamed of affording and wearing a wig at some point in her life. When she grew up and started her career, she always wore her hair dolled up, and when the puffed hairstyle started, she was also the first one to do so. 

And then, when she was able to buy hairpieces and wigs, she wanted them right away. Not only because she has always loved them but also because her own hair was fine and flat and it never really did exactly what she wanted to. According to Dolly, she thinks God gave her talent because he screwed up her hair. 

So, wigs became her trademark. And over the years, her look has changed — in the ‘60s, she wore bouffants, then the ‘70s came, and she shifted to the feathered and teased style and then several times switching from up-dos to longer styles. The icon definitely loved her faux tresses, and she never really went out without her big, blonde, luscious wigs even today. She always says that her wigs are conversational pieces and that she looks best wearing them. 

Dolly Parton Off-Stage: How many wigs does Dolly Parton own?

It’s safe to say that Dolly Parton owns hundreds of custom-created wigs. But on the red carpet for the Netflix series titled Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, the country singer confirmed that she actually owned hundreds of them. She noted that she wears one every day, so she must have at least 365. But after her wigs wear out, she either sells them at auctions and gets herself new ones or donates them to her museum in Tennessee. 

Though from time to time, Dolly still sometimes takes the wigs off. 

In an interview with Elle Magazine for their Women in Hollywood issue, Dolly confessed that she doesn’t always wear her wigs in daily life, but she still does pouf her hair up because she loves to have the flashy fair. But when she’s around home, she would simply wear her little scrunchies and fix her own hair as cute as she could. 

But of course, wigs are still her number one option because they’re so handy, especially for her, who always has a busy schedule. Not only do they provide her with a lot of choices, but she also never has to suffer a bad hair day which is a good thing. 

Dolly Parton Without A Wig: The Reveal

It’s definitely hard to imagine Dolly without her signature hairdo, but she did provide a few throwback snaps of her without them. And spoiler alert: She looks stunning. 

In 2018, she posted a throwback candid photo of her in the studio on her Instagram. 

She also included the same snap in her book Songteller: My Life in Lyrics (which you can buy at Amazon for $30.05 for the Hardcover and $18.14 for Kindle). 

And in 2020, she once again shared the same snap but from a different angle which caused quite the chaos as fans flocked on her page to comment how she looked good with her natural hair. 

With or without a wig, Dolly Parton will always be a look. 


Dolly Parton

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