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Dolly Parton Sings Worship in “Hello God”

Dolly Parton’s Life

Dolly Parton, I will always love you, queen of country
Photo Credits: Dolly Parton/Official Facebook Home Page

Dolly Parton is a multi-talented artist. At an early age, she started performing in local television and radio programs. She moved to Nashville to pursue her music career and luckily found success. She began her career by being a songwriter. She had numerous songs released and also achieved great major awards. She has been an inductee for the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1999.

She is not only into singing but she also loves acting. She also played main roles in popular films. Her passion for singing marked an important role in country music. In 1996, she has been married to Carl Dean.

“Hello God”

Dolly Parton Hello God
Photo Credit: Dolly Parton/ by Screengrab

Hello God” was a song written and recorded by Dolly Parton. This single is on her 37th album “Halos & Horn” and it ranked number 59 on the Billboard chart. Moreover, it entered number 4 on the Top Country album chart. Dolly was also nominated for Best Female Country  Vocal Performance.

Dolly, in her song “Hello God,” teaches us to “Dream more, Learn More, Care More and Be More.” This means that if you dream more there are more chances of giving your best on something you really want to reach. If you dream high and strive harder, there is a big chance of reaching it. Dreams will come if you don’t give up no matter how hard it takes.

Second, learn more. This means that you must accept the things that had been done because there is always a lesson behind every situation. Learning is part of growing. The lessons you earned will be the reasons why you become wiser, in terms of decisions.

Third, Care more. You must know how to care for others. While reaching your dream, you must also consider the feelings of others. You care for someone not only because you love them, rather they are important to your life and you don’t want to lose them.

To wrap up, the songs would like us to know that we can be more than what we are, if we put God as a center of our life. Furthermore, we must know how to pray more and devote ourselves to the Almighty God.

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Dolly Parton

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