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December 8, 2020


December 8, 2020


December 8, 2020

It’s been a long way since the Florida Georgia Line duo of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley started their music career in 2010. As they prepare to release their latest album, they just can’t help but remember the milestones they reached over the years: how they gained admirers, their passion for country music, and their albums as fruits of their labor. As they announce the release of their fifth studio album bound February 2021, the gear is on the phrase, ‘Life Rolls On.’

Not Your Stereotypical Album

December 4 news announced that Florida Georgia Line plan to release one of their most-anticipated and biggest 16-track ‘Life Rolls On’ album on the 12th of February. This time, the duo produced the album along with their collaborator Corey Crowder. They have high hopes for it because not only does it make the album personal, it’s also ‘cross-over’ ready due to the variety of songs that are still unreleased to the public.

Tyler Hubbard finds their upcoming piece as just one big and celebratory chapter for their career. He looks back in 2012 when they dropped their first three albums; ‘It’s Just What We Do’, ‘Here’s to the Good Times’, and ‘Endless Summer ED’. He described their FGL journey as one wild ride, and the sacrifices they made ever since really paid off. They get to go to places, and experience both the privileges and challenges of being a celebrity. But for Hubbard, what he’s really proud of is that they held on despite their troubles.

As for Brian Kelley, the album is his testament to all the good times he’s had in the industry — how he enjoys making things work and see their works appreciated by admirers.

Remembering their Past Battles

Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Life Rolls On’ is a memento of their past journeys and will feature all singles from their ‘6-Pack EP’ and their current single ‘Love, Live’. The 9 unannounced singles are something to anticipate in February.

Along with their exciting announcement, they also added that ‘Life Rolls On’ is available for pre-order in the following streaming stores: Florida Georgia Line Website, Apple Store, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and physical copies will be sold at Target, Walmart and Amazon.


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