January 25

Hear Marie Osmond Render John Denver’s “Country Roads”

Whenever we think of families with great voice and talent, we can never miss out on the Osmond siblings. While all of them have aged, their voices and talent have not. They are certainly a bunch of entertainers having immense skills that many fans love watching.

However, unlike her famous brothers, Marie Osmond did not have any plans in entering the show business. In fact, she even had never planned to become a singer. She originally thought of pursuing other things. Despite that, her family’s management eventually encouraged her to join them, and well, she listened.

Marie Osmond Gets Into the Music World

While her family has persuaded her to venture into the music world, she still had the final say on whatever to sing. Hence, instead of going pop like most of her brothers, Marie opted to take a different direction. Feeling that she would go far in the niche that she will take, she marketed herself as a country singer, and she got it.

At such a young age, Marie then worked hard until she was given her first No. 1 country hit. It was her debut single, “Paper Roses,” that topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. During that time, she was just 14 years old.

Watch the 14-year-old Marie Osmond here singing her famed “Paper Roses:”


Donny & Marie Unite for an Epic Collaboration

In no time, Marie left her budding solo career behind in order to unite with her brother, Donny. Later, Marie and Donny became an unstoppable duo, releasing hit after hit in both the country and pop music. Also, they even had their television shows together which made them even more successfully famous.

Since then, the two siblings have become a strong force more than ever. They have produced some unforgettable collaborations and shows. In one of the episodes of their show in 1970, Donny & Marie, the duo joined together and gave the crowd a medley of country and pop staples. Donny and Marie sang their ever famous duet, “I’m a Little Bit Country, I’m a Little Bit Rock and Roll,” pertaining to the mix of their music genres.

Watch the siblings kick off their famous duet hit:

Marie Stays True to Her Country Roots

While she and Donny have made an impact as a duo, Marie never fails to go back to her country origin. Her love for country is and will forever be with her. In fact, in one of the duo’s medleys, Marie took on John Denver’s classic and all-time favorite country hit, “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” Denver’s original rendition is iconic but Marie gave a delectable taste in it.

Her delicate voice overflowed through each and every word. Her slowed-down version made it as if it were her own. It was much more of a ballad as compared to Denver’s. The result was a masterpiece, truly beautiful that it became nostalgic and poignant.

Watch Donny and Marie’s complete medley performance with Marie singing “Country Roads” around the 2:20 mark:


John Denver, Marie Osmond

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