September 3

2020 American Idol and Why Scotty McCreery Thinks You Should Give It a Shot

Country singer and American Idol Season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery is encouraging her fellow North Carolinians to audition for the upcoming season of the American Idol.

“Thinking about auditioning? You’ll never know what will happen, so I’d definitely audition.”

Incredible Auditions Through the Years

Every success story surely had a beginning. For the past champions of the singing reality show, everything started inside the audition room. Over the years, the American Idol auditions have not failed to impress us all.

McCreery himself had a pretty memorable audition. At the start of the 10th season of the Ameican Idol, McCreery won the hearts of both the fans and the judges as he sang Josh Turner’s “Your Man” at age 17.

Reminiscing his American Idol auditions, McCreery recounted the reason why he decided to audition for the show. He was a big fan of it but at the same time, he really loves to sing. Despite being seen already from across town, McCreery knew that the worst-case scenario for him was that the judges would say no. Fortunately, destiny was on his side as he went on to win it all.

Who could also forget the first time the world was introduced to the legendary voice of Carrie Underwood? From being a simple farm girl from Checotah, Okla to being introduced into the Grand Ole Opry then went on winning several Grammys, selling millions of albums, and gaining a reputation as one of country music’s leading ladies.

Aside from the stunning vocals that we have heard over the years, the American Idols audition was also filled with laughter. Prior to winning the show, Kelly Clarkson had a funny moment when she took one of the judge’s seats and sat on it and pretended to be one of the judges.

Listed below are the upcoming dates for season 18 of the American Idol

– Alaska, California, and Hawaii (Sep 5)
– Kentucky, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania (Sep 7)
– Massachusetts, North Carolina and Vermont (Sep 9)
– The South Open Call Auditions (Sep 15)
– East Coast Open Call Auditions (Sep 17)
– West Coast & Midwest Open Call Auditions (Sep 21)
– Nationwide Open Call Auditions (Sep 25)

American Idol also announced that it will be holding a virtual audition for Pennsylvania on September 7. All of the pre-audition processes are found on American Idol’s official page.

Overall, we could not ask for more than a new season of the American Idol. After everything we have gone through this year, great voices and great music will surely make our day.


Scotty McCreery

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