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“Makin’ Up for Lost Time” with Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris

If you are a fan of the American TV series Dallas, then probably you know Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris’ song “Makin’ Up for Lost Time.” This song was one of the soundtracks to the series. “Makin’ Up for Lost Time” was written by Gary Morris and Dave Loggins. In addition, Jim Ed Norman produced the song.

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All About the Song

“Makin’ Up for Lost Time” talks about finding the person you love. Sometimes it takes a long time to be with the right person. For others, they immediately find that person. However, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, what matters is finding that perfect person. In the song, the narrator wonders why it took a while before they’ve met.

Now that we’re together and we’re where we belong
I can’t help but wonder why, why did it take so long

But, at least they have found each other. They have this feeling that they were really meant to be together.

I turn around and get lost in the look that you give to me
I drift away when I hear you say you’ve only lived to find me
Darling, let me hold you in my arms, darling, oh, so tight
I’ve been waiting for you most of my life

Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris’ Single

In 1985, Gayle and Morris released the song as a single. It became a hit for them. The song reached number one on the Billboard Country chart. In addition, it secured a spot on the Canadian chart. They included “Makin’ Up for Lost Time” on their first album What If We Fall in Love. Two more tracks from their album were released as a single. “Another World” reached number four and “All of This and More” placed at number twenty-six on the Billboard country chart.

Here’s the lovely version of Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris.


crystal gayle, Gary Morris, Makin’ Up for Lost Time

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