When a person is so in love, you can see it in their face. They look great that they seem to be shining in a way you cannot explain. Love has a power that we all cannot understand. But when you feel it, it makes everything feel good. This feeling is what the song “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” is talking about.

The Original Version

In 1971, Charley Pride released his song “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” which is now considered to be his signature song. Pride made it reach number one of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. His song also entered the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart at number seven. “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” was Charley Pride’s highest ranking single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

From the Album

“Kiss an Angel Good Morning” was from Charley’s twelfth studio album Charley Pride Sings Heart Songs. Moreover, it was the only song from his album which was released as a single and entered the Billboard chart. His album also reached number one on the Billboard Top Country Songs Album. It also secured a spot on the Billboard 200 at number thirty-eight.

The Cover Version of Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty, like other artists, recorded the signature song of Charley Pride. His recording of the song was part of his album I Can’t See Me Without You in 1972. Twitty’s version did not enter the Billboard chart. It did not receive much attention. There was only one song from his album that made it to the Billboard Country Chart. “I Can’t See Me Without You” was Twitty’s only single that was released as a single, and it reached number four on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

His album was also able to secure a spot on the Billboard chart. It placed at number ten on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and number one hundred thirty on the Billboard 200.

The Song’s Meaning

The song tells the story of a man being questioned by his friends or people on why he looks happy all the time. He answered them with the words “Kiss an Angel Good Morning.” He means that you have to find someone whom you will love and will love you back. You have to be in a happy relationship that does not have to drown you with worries. But, it will always make you happy and want to receive more love.