February 20

C.W. McCall Revealed He’s In Hospice And Is Battling With Cancer

C.W. McCall, who is best known for his 1976 No. 1 hit song “Convoy” and is a significant figure behind the truck-driving craze that took America by storm in the mid-’70s, has revealed that he’s in hospice.

The now 93-year-old outlaw country singer talked to the Drew & Mike podcast and has shared his recent healthcare changes where he admitted that he’s battling cancer. “We have a deal here now where I can have nurses on-call at home,” the singer said, who now resides in Montrose, Colorado. “I don’t have to go to hospitals. It’s a hospice service here locally.”

Despite the unfortunate thing he’s going through at the moment, McCall did have one happy thing to celebrate. He revealed that he and his wife would celebrate seven decades of marriage on this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Going Through The End Of His Life As Noble As Possible

Fans might remember C.W. McCall as the artist who made his breakthrough in the 1970s with his tunes featuring heavy trucker themes and working-class messages. His biggest hit was the outlaw country song “Convoy,” which reached No. 1 both on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and Billboard Hot 100.

While some consider McCall as a one-hit-wonder, a fact of the matter is that he charted several other country hits. This includes “Four Wheel Drive,” “The Silverton,” and “Wolf Creek Pass.” He hit the charts one last time with “Roses for Mama.”

However, in the 1980s, McCall made a strange move of stepping away from music and moving to a more private life. He made his way to Ouray, Colorado, and served as the mayor for six years. He left office in 1992. 

While he didn’t have a career as illustrious as Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, fans are beyond grateful for McCall and his influences on the genre. Well, here’s to hoping McCall finds strength with each new day.


C.W. McCall

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