A song will always be loved by many when it has an interesting story to tell. It doesn’t matter if the event is real or it’s a made up one. People will always admire a good story, just like C.W. McCall’s song “Convoy.”

C.W. McCall’s Single “Convoy”

“Convoy” is a novelty song released in 1975, and it was written by Bill Fries (C.W. McCall) and Chip Davis. It was a hit single that secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs chart. In addition, it also entered the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart at number nineteen. “Convoy” became famous not only in the US, but it also has many listeners from Canada, New Zealand, UK, and France.

C.W. McCall
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The Song’s Content

The story of “Convoy” was an interesting one. The song was released during a time in America when truck drivers were asked to drive at 55 mph and to log their time when they drive and rest because of the oil crisis. Moreover, CB radio became popular that it was not only limited to truck drivers anymore. That is why the song “Convoy” was very interesting to most Americans. The story was similar to an event in their history. Some listeners even think that it was based on a real-life event.

The song tells the story of truck drivers fighting against the law. Instead of following what they were asked to do, they drive more than the speed limit, and they falsely recorded data on their logbook. The truck drivers involved in this event communicate via CB radio, but since many people can hear what they were talking about, they used code words that only they can understand.  

Bill Fries as C.W. McCall

Fries created the character C.W. McCall when he was working as a creative director for an ad. He used this name when he worked in the music industry. McCall charted other songs aside from “Convoy.” Some of his works were “Wolf Creek Pass,” “Black Bear Road,” and more. However, he is best known for his popular song “Convoy.”


Director Sam Peckinpah made a movie, Convoy, based on McCall’s song. Kris Kristofferson, Ali MacGraw, and Burt Young starred in the film.

Here is C.W. McCall with “Convoy.”

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