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“I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail” was Buck Owens Number-One Album

Buck Owens

In 1965, Buck Owens documented his utmost achievement which was his album called “I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail.” It became the number-one album of the year and became Billboard’s very first number-one album of the year in 1965. On the other hand, the single of the same name became Owens’ 6th number-one single of his career. Certainly, the album and his singles were played and appreciated over the radios now and then. Above all, the album, as well as the single, were his international breakthroughs.

Buck Owens was one of the legendary country music artists of all time. Also, he was one of the most influential artists in the country music scheme. With this, his songs, albums, and choice of music have been continuously passed on from generation to generation. In fact, the greatest country artists that we have today and before have used Owens’ works of art to spread the exquisiteness of country music.

I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail Album…

Buck Owens

Furthermore, the album was the paramount accomplishment of Buck Owens of his entire career. It was released on March 10, 1965. Also, the album featured the unique sound of Don Rich. The album was included in Robert Dimery’s “1001 Albums You Need To Hear Before You Die”.

“I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail” album was an illustration of Bakersfield Sound, the very reason the album and the singles skyrocketed. At that time, Bakersfield Sound was the genre and style that people were appreciated. Hillbilly Music influenced the Bakersfield Sound.

The Tracks…

A Side

  1. “I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail” (Harlan Howard, Buck Owens)
  2. “Trouble and Me” (Howard)
  3. “Let the Sad Times Roll On” (Owens, Red Simpson)
  4. “Wham Bam” (Buck Owens, Bonnie Owens, Don Rich)
  5. “If You Fall Out of Love With Me” (Owens, Owens)
  6. “Fallin’ for You” (Owens, Owens, Rich)

B Side

  1. “We’re Gonna Let the Good Times Roll” (Owens)
  2. “The Band Keeps Playin’ On” (Red Simpson, Fuzzy Owen)
  3. “Streets of Laredo”
  4. “Cryin’ Time” (Owens)
  5. “A Maiden’s Prayer” (Bob Wills)
  6. “Memphis” (Chuck Berry)

I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail Single…

The single was patched with the voices of Buck Owens and The Buckaroos. Also, it was released in December 1964 and became Owens’ signature song. From February 20 to March 20, 1965, the single topped at No.1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Indeed, Buck Owens was and until now one of a kind. His God-given talent is distinct among others. Also, critics consider Owens as a people mover due to his influence and contribution to the country music scheme.

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