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A Bob Wills’ Vintage yet Masterly Arranged Ballad “A Maiden’s Prayer”

A Bob Wills' Vintage yet Masterly Arranged Ballad “A Maiden’s Prayer” 1
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Nowadays, the taste of country music has been modified and it keeps on changing. Most of them are becoming pop country. Perhaps, it’s due to our generation’s demand. The advantages of those changes can penetrate the younger generation to listen to country sounds. Nevertheless, for us oldies, we still love listening to the traditional or the classic country music. With this, let’s backtrack to the good old days where country music is real. We will listen to Bob Wills’ classic ballad called “A Maiden’s Prayer.”

Way back in the 1930s, music is one of peoples’ way to relax. Fiddles and guitars are common in gatherings and parties. Ladies would jive to soothing tunes and harmonies while gentlemen play their instruments. These were the days that we missed a lot, especially the old soul music.

A Maiden’s Prayer…

“A Maiden’s Prayer” is a composition of Tekla B?darzewska-Baranowska, a Polish composer. It was published in 1856. Moreover, the song was a short piano piece. Mostly, it was described as a sentimental and romantic melody.

Then, in 1935, Bob Wills recorded and released his cover version. He recorded initially as an instrumental. With this, it became one of his signature tunes. Later, it became a standard sound in the country music scene. Bob Wills was able to record his rendition upon hearing it while he was in a barbershop.

In 1941, Bob Wills re-recorded and re-released the song. At that time, he already accompanied the tunes with his original words and lyrics. Tommy Duncan accompanied his rendition with his vocals.

Bob Wills, for the third time, recorded the song in 1963 under his album “Bob Wills Sings and Plays.”  When he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970, “A Maiden’s Prayer” was one of his creations cited.

Above all, various artists covered the song, too. One was Buck Owens which he included his version on his album “I’ve Got a Tiger by the Tail.” Ray Price released this song in 1962 under his tribute album “San Antonio Rose.” Willie Nelson also released his cover in 2000 under his album “Red Headed Stranger.” Lastly, the Everly Brothers released theirs in 1973.

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