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“Play Something Country”: Brooks & Dunn’s 20th No. 1 Song

"Play Something Country": Brooks & Dunn's 20th No. 1 Song 1
Brooks & Dunn |Photo Credits: heavy.com

About the Song

A country hit in 2005, “Play Something Country” was recorded and performed by American country music duo Brooks & Dunn. Lead singer Ronnie Dunn co-wrote it with a country music artist friend Terry McBride. In addition, the duo also co-produced it with record producer and pianist Tony Brown. The song was officially released on June 6, 2005, by the Arista Nashville Records label. Moreover, it was the first single from the Brooks & Dunn’s ninth studio album, Hillbilly Deluxe.

After its release in June 2005, “Play Something Country” immediately debuted on the music charts and went on at number 37 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks. Three months later, it notched the top spot on the said chart. As a result, it became Brooks & Dunn’s 20th number one single of their career. Furthermore, the song crossed over the pop charts. it reached no. 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 while no. 53 on the Billboard Pop 100 in 2005.

An up-tempo song backed by electric guitar and horn section, “Play Something Country” centers on a female character who is described to be someone who longs to hear country music.

Yes, she blew through the door like TNT,
Put her hand on her hip, pointed a finger at me.
Said “I’m a whiskey drinking, cowboy chasing, helluva time.
“I like Kenny, Keith, Allan and Patsy Cline.
“I’m a full grown queen bee looking for honey.
“Ha oh ho, aw, play something country.”

Yeah, the band took a break,
The DJ played P Diddy.
She said “I didn’t come here to hear,
Something thumping from the city.”
Said “I, I shaved my legs, I paid my money.”
Ha oh ho, play something country.”
“Ha oh ho, aw, play something country.”

Song Inspiration

Every song of Brooks & Dunn has, for sure, a story behind it. And whatever the story behind is, it is definitely meaningful and relevant. As for this song, the idea of creating a new song came to Dunn after one of the duo’s shows in Montana. In an interview, McBride, who played the bass guitar in their show, revealed:

“[Dunn] comes busting onto the bus and says, ‘how about this idea?’ and he howls that ah oooh, aw, play something country!”

"Play Something Country": Brooks & Dunn's 20th No. 1 Song 2
Gretchen Wilson |Photo Credit: biography.com

Both the duo and McBride then admitted that “Play Something Country” takes its inspiration from American country music artist Gretchen Wilson who is known for her hit “Redneck Woman“. The duo and McBride had been touring with Wilson together. Hence, McBride and Dunn decided to base the songs main character on Wilson’s image as:

“ballsy chick that bursts into the barroom, puts her hand on her hip […] and goes, ‘play something country!'”

Later, McBride admitted to Wilson that she was the inspiration for “Play Something Country“. Wilson then never failed to show her appreciation and expressed her gratitude and said that she loved the song.

WATCH: Brooks & Dunn’s “Play Something Country” music video below:

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