June 11

Happy 74th Birthday, Bobby G Rice!

Bobby G Rice’s Life

Bobby G Rice
Photo Credit: Bobby G Rice/ youtube.com by Screengrab

Bobby Gene Rice known as Bobby G Rice is a well known American country artist. He was raised in a family who loves music. At an early age, he already knows how to play guitar, banjo and he used to perform in the local parties.

In the mid-50s, Rice, together with his family, performed in their own show on WRCO Richmond, Wisconsin. Rice became the vocalist of their family band.

In 1962, their group was disbanded, but that did not hinder him from reaching his dream. Instead, he still pursued in his musical career. He also joined a rock and roll band and began performing locally.

As years had passed, he began performing as a duo with his sister Lorraine and became more popular in their area.

Rice’s Career

Bobby G Rice
Photo Credit: Bobby G Rice/youtube.com by Screengrab

He then moved to Nashville and started his career. Rice started forming his own band when his sister retired from singing. He then began writing songs and started playing modern country songs. His songs became 1960s pop hits.  One of his recordings that became a hit was the song “You Lay So Easy On My Mind.”

During his tenure, he released nine studio albums and entered thirty songs on the Billboard Hot Country Singles.

“You Lay So Easy On My Mind”

Bobby Rice

It is a song recorded by Rice. Upon its release, the song peaked at the number 3 spot on the country hits on the Billboard magazine. This became the biggest achievement in Rice’s career. The song has sold numerous units worldwide. The song was also recorded by numerous music artists, so it became more popular to Country fans.

Now, let us take this moment to greet Bobby G Rice a Happy Birthday! May you live a long life!   

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Bobby G Rice

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