July 11

Bobby G. Rice’s Top Performing Song “You Lay So Easy On My Mind”

bobby g rice You Lay So Easy On My Mind

Bobby G. Rice is a country singer and songwriter who rose to fame in the 70’s is celebrating his 74th birthday today. Rice was born with the name Robert Gene Rice in Wisconsin. At a very young age, he started singing and playing the guitar and banjo with his family. They have their own on-air show. His family was a big influence on him because without them he would not have pursued a career in music.

After his family disbanded, he formed his own band called the Rock-A-Teen in 1962. The band did not play country music but more of rock and roll. After leaving his band, Rice decided to pair with his sister, and they started singing country music together.

Moving to Nashville

Bobby Rice moved to Nashville during the 60’s to pursue a career in country music. He recorded some singles, such as “Sugar Shack,” “Hey Baby,” “Lover Please,” and “Mountain of Love” in the early 70’s. All of the songs were able to enter the Billboard charts. He compiled his songs and released his first album called Hit After Hit in 1972. His album did not enter the Billboard Chart.

“You Lay So Easy On My Mind”

He charted 30 songs on the Billboard and four albums on the Billboard Country Albums. “You Lay So Easy On My Mind” was Rice’s most notable song. His song reached No. 3 on the US Billboard Hot Country charts. Furthermore, his same-titled album peaked at No. 7 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums. Charles Fields, Donald Riis, and Bobby G. Rice wrote the song.

“You Lay So Easy On My Mind:” Other Versions

“You Lay So Easy On My Mind” became popular that numerous country artists tried to make a cover of the song. In 1973, seven artists made a version of this song. This includes Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, Kitty Wells, and Roy Orbison. In 1974 Andy Williams recorded the song.

Bobby G. Rice’s Last Song

In 1988, Rice released his last song “Clean Livin’ Folk” which entered the Billboard chart at No. 76. After that, Rice did not release any materials anymore.

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