May 9

Rare All-Black Chickens Found Around The World

So you know your chickens, huh? Well, you better think about it again, as we bet you haven’t seen black chickens being grown on your local farm. If you have seen one or two, then congratulations on finding rare chicken near your home. But for those who aren’t familiar with these rare chicken breeds, you better read up and find out why people love black chicken meat. 

Here is the list of black chicken breeds that are incredibly rare.

1. Ayam Cemani

It’s the blackest of all black chickens. Ayam Cemani embodies the word “black” as it’s completely black inside and out. Except for its dark red blood, everything else seems like looking in the abyss. Nonetheless, they are believed to bring good luck and are the main component in some traditional medicine. This interesting chicken breed is either kept for ornamental or meat purposes.

2. Australorp

Different chicken breeds that lay lots of eggs, and one of them is the Australorp found in Australia. It comes in a variety of colors, yet the most well-known is its black variant. They tend to be friendly but shy at the same time, yet they still have a great personality. One Australorp can lay between 4-5 eggs every week.

3. Jersey Giant

The world’s most giant chicken breed is a rare black chicken too. It was bred first in 1870 back in New Jersey, the USA, with wide bodies and long necks. Jersey Giants are black in color while white and blue varieties. They are bred for both meat and eggs.

4. Breda

Breda is a scarce breed. Unfortunately, it’s an endangered species that’s extinct in the US and currently only found in Holland. Peculiar and distinct, this black chicken is not easy on the eyes, but if they trust you, you’ll find out they’re delightful. It’s also a heritage breed that’s a slow grower and only is full-grown after its second year.

Black chickens are rare yet beautiful creatures. Although most of these are endangered species, they are still worth caring for. What do you think is the best black chicken?


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