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February 13, 2019


February 13, 2019


February 13, 2019

God is a mystery much like our life which our mind cannot comprehend. We search for answers about everything, but have we ever stopped and wondered if maybe there is someone bigger than our life? Maybe there is someone up there or out there who knows the answer to everything that is happening to us and around us.

Some people dismiss the concept of God, and we cannot criticize them for that.  Meanwhile, others open their heart to the belief that He does exist. He is out there, somewhere creating miracles every day. But, how sure are we that He exists? What proof do we have to make people believe that there is someone guiding us?

Does God Exist?

When we turn to the Bible, we can see many pieces of evidence that God does exist. The words contained in the Bible are so alive and they are sufficient proof of His presence, power, and love. Yet, still many won’t believe that God really lives. They will find a way to tell us that the Bible cannot completely prove the Father’s existence.

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If some could not rely on the Bible alone to prove that He’s real, there are other things around that could help them. When you look around, there are so many complex things in our surroundings that no human being can ever make. Even the universe itself is created by someone or something. Things don’t happen out of anything. Human beings are also proof of His existence. What more do we need to know that God is really alive?

Into a Song

The existence or belief that God exists has been turned into movies or written into songs. People like to show others about their faith and belief in Him. One of these is the hymn “I Believe in the Man in the Sky.” The song was penned by Richard Howard and recorded by Elvis Presley in 1960.

bible Elvis Presley I Believe in the Man in the Sky His Hand in Mine
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“I Believe in the Man in the Sky” is a hymn that expresses the narrator’s faith that God truly exists. He tells us of all the wonders and miracles in life that no one can prove or do but God.

Every time I hear a newborn baby cry,
Or touch a leaf or see the sky
Then I know why I believe

Presley covered the song for his fifth studio album His Hand in Mine. His platinum-certified album contains twelve gospel songs. In addition, it was reissued twice. The collection is made of gospel songs that Presley is fond of recording.


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