December 27

Givin’ this World “Back to God” with Reba McEntire

In life, we will face a lot of struggles, challenges, and even mockery. Often, this will make us weak, hopeless, and even vulnerable to any kind of temptation that may destroy us. Guess what? I know a solution for this, all we need to do is go back to God. Anyhow, He is our sanctuary and peacemaker, just like what God said in the Bible,

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

You are not alone, all you need to do is kneel and pray and He will help you in whatever problems you have. With God’s greatness, and compassion, there is nothing He can do. To inspire you more, listen to Reba McEntire and her inspiring testimony.

The Royalty from Oklahoma

This country super star started her singing career in high school when she sang on local radio stations, and rodeos. Also, upon her breakthrough in 1975, she was able to release hit after hit songs that slammed the charts. This woman is also regarded as one of the best-selling artists of all time, and she is considered as the “Queen of Country.” Does it ring a bell? Well, I’m takin’ about the woman who popularize “How Blue,” and “Somebody Should Leave.” Of course, it’s no other than Reba McEntire, who is also an actress, songwriter, and record producer.

Givin’ this World “Back to God” with Reba McEntire 1
Photo Credits: Reba McEntire/Official Facebook Page

Sing It now: Songs of Faith and Hope

We are the writers of our life, and we make our own story. Moreover, if we encounter problems, all we need to do is to seek our editor which is God. Anyway, there is a solution to every problem. Draw more inspiration from the hit “Back to God” sung by Reba McEntire. The track discusses how we can get closer to God once we drift away from His perfect plans.


Back to God, How Blue, Reba McEntire, Somebody Should Leave

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