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Allie Colleen Continues the Family Legacy with Her Song “Work in Progress”

Allie Colleen + Work In Progress

In 2019, Allie Colleen, daughter of country legend Garth Brooks, continued the family legacy by releasing her debut song, “Work In Progress,” as part of her album of the same title. 

Colleen is no stranger to the music industry. Her passion for singing started when she was young because of her country singer parents, Garth Brooks and stepmom Trisha Yearwood, causing her to build a reputation like no other. As the daughter of a legendary country singer, listeners had high expectations of her, especially when she announced her debut. And it seems like she didn’t disappoint.

Although her father’s name intrigued fans into listening to her music, there is no denying that she has a unique style of combining classic and emerging country sounds, giving listeners that fresh take on country music. 

Her impeccably strong voice is also worth noting, as it greatly helps when she delivers the emotions of the song as she did with her debut song, “Work In Progress.”

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Allie Colleen, the song simply talks about her journey to becoming a performer. She wants everyone to know that she is still figuring out her career one step at a time, as she wants to be known for her own merit, not because of her parents. 

In an interview, she revealed that she doesn’t want to feel the weight of expectations because of being somebody’s daughter. Instead of trying to live her life behind her parents’ shadows, Colleen decided to go on at her own pace, not for the fans who were expecting from her or her parents but for herself. 

Since she is new to the industry, she wanted to let the world know through her song “Work in Progress” that she is still learning along the way. And that the most important thing now is she enjoys what she is doing and is passionate about making great music for everyone to enjoy.

So, if you missed out on watching Allie Colleen rock the stage performing her debut song, “Work In Progress,” —you can always watch it below.