Mason Ramsey + Twang


Riley Johnson


February 6, 2024


February 6, 2024


February 6, 2024

In 2019, rising country singer Mason Ramsey released his hit song “Twang” as part of his album of the same title. 

Ramsey first came to fame when he went viral singing Lovesick Blues, a song by Tin Pan Alley, in a Walmart store in Harrisburg, Illinois. His cover of the song garnered over 25 million views in just one week. 

Because of this, he has become a YouTube sensation that many people from across the globe love. Mason Ramsey didn’t waste this fame. Instead, he used it to build his musical career. 

Since he started his career in 2018, Mason Ramsey has continuously released chart-hitting songs like “Famous,” “Before I Knew It,” and, of course, “Twang.”

Even though Twang didn’t land any music charts, it is still considered one of Mason Ramsey’s greatest hits, with the music video reaching 89 million views on YouTube as of 2023. 

So what made Twang such a hit aside from its catchy tune and Ramsey’s contagious happy aura? Let’s dive into its deep-felt meaning to know more. 

Meaning Behind the Song

Twang is a song that showcases Mason Ramsey’s amazing talent. The lyrics simply describe a romantic relationship between two young people.

The girl, in particular, didn’t fall in love because of the fame and material things the boy was able to provide. Instead, she was attracted to the boy’s authenticity and charm that his “twang” brings. 

She loves his southern qualities, mellow, raspy voice, and cowboy hats. She even compared him to the legendary country singer Hank Williams, known for his distinct twang. 

In short, it is a song that celebrates Ramsey’s artistic country roots, precisely his distinctive vocal style comparable to past legends. Simply put, this song showcases Ramsey’s appreciation for traditional country music

So, if you want to listen to Mason Ramsey’s country hit “Twang,” you can watch the video below. 


Mason Ramsey



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