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Deciphering Danielle Bradbery’s ‘Never Have I Ever’


As music fanatics, we all know that one of the artist’s channels of conveying their innermost feelings whether its joy, sadness, or even love is through music. The young artist Danielle Bradbery is just like the rest of us, expressing inexplicable feelings that send out “butterflies in the stomach” through means that may sound unconventional but safe.

Her Inspiration for the Song

Whenever there’s booze there’s this game called ‘Never Have I Ever,’ a drinking game where if one statement from the other player happens to describe you, you chug down alcohol. But if it’s Danielle Bradbery we’re talking about, it’s not about the booze. Instead, it’s about the concept of the game and then putting it into perspective through a song. But she was not without help. Her roommates and co-writers Laura Veltz and David Hodges in Nashville also pitched in.

Veltz and Hodges have a lot of stories to tell about beautiful moments like meeting somebody who’ll make you feel something you’ve never felt before, or completely sweeping you off your feet. Bradberry never had that kind of experience. She was hoping for somebody to come in and just save her with the second record.

How the Song Changed Her Life

After the songwriting, Bradberry decided that she actually wanted to ‘feel’ the kind of emotion she’s trying to convey. She hit up her social media account and for the first time, she reached out to a certain person asking him “Have you ever been to Nashville?” To her surprise, he responded with “Never have I ever. Have you been to LA?”.

Believe it or not, Danielle Bradbery’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ single actually became a prequel. Because of her insatiable curiosity and her dedication to the concept of her song, several things in her career and personal life got mixed up with each other. Drawing the courage to feel the love from her own song, she took a step forward to approach someone she felt a ‘spark’ on. She hasn’t revealed who the man was, but on the bright side, Danielle found the void in her heart through her musical prowess, proving that music does move the soul.

On an even brighter side, for her next songs, she wouldn’t be finding herself lost in thought on ‘how it feels’, because ‘Never Have I Ever’ had bridged her to her current relationship. Yes, Danielle Bradbery is in a relationship.