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“I’ll Fly Away:” A Soundtrack in the Movie Ring Of Fire

I’ll Fly Away” is one of the soundtracks used in the movie, Ring Of Fire. This film portrays the life of June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash. It was directed by American film director Alison Anders. Starring Jewel Kilcher as June Carter Cash, Matt Ross as Johnny Cash, John Doe as A.P. Carter, Frances Conroy as Maybelle Carter, Austin Stack as  John Cash, Wilbur Fitzgerald as Garreth Connor, and Mary Sullivan as young June Carter.

“I’ll Fly Away”

Fly Away, June and Johnny Cash
Via www.godtube.com

In 1929, this hymn was written by Albert Brumley. It has been considered as the most recorded gospel song and sung over worship services by Baptists, Pentecostals, Nazarenes, The Church of Christ, and Methodists.

Brumley has published over 600 songs. He was also considered as the “pre-eminent gospel songwriter.” Some other songs that became popular with listeners were “Jesus, Hold My Hand,” “Turn Your Radio On,” “I’ll Meet You in the Morning,” and “This World Is Not My Home.”

Thus, Brumley described this song as “The Prisoner’s Song,” one of the best selling songs of the 1920s.

This song was performed by musical artists like Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch, Alan Jackson, and Joey and Rory.

About the Song

Some bright morning when this life is over
I’ll fly away
To that home on God’s celestial shore
I’ll fly away

This song talks about eternal life, heaven, and acceptance. Everyone wishes to have eternal life. Secondly, as a Christian, we believe that heaven is where God lives. It is sometimes believed that it is where good people go after death. Lastly, acceptance. If we learn to accept things around us no matter how bad or good it is, then we can attain a feeling of peace in life.

Fly Away, June and Johnny Cash
Via Youtube.com by Screengrab

From the 1970s episode of the Johnny Cash show, “I’ll Fly Away” was performed by Johnny and June Cash along with Carter Family, the Statler Brothers, Carl Perkins, and the Tennessee Three.

Watch Johnny and June Cash’s joyful version of the gospel song here:

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Johnny Cash, june carter cash

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