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Alan Jackson creates songs that convey a truthful sense of affection. His songs also depict the simplicity of life in the countryside. To warm our spirits, he recorded Christian Gospels, too. Most of the time, his words and lyrics are intertwined with fast beat melodies or the honky-tonk style. “I’ll Go on Loving You” differs from all of his singles. It is the sultriest song he has recorded. It has a different approach as it can be heard on the first lines of the song. On the other hand, Alan Jackson has an oozing way of singing. Alan Jackson has a different taste in a song, indeed. Nevertheless, country music obsessives appreciated and embraced it enthusiastically.

Besides the beautiful background music, “I’ll Go on Loving You” has stimulating lines. However, the meaning is deep which means the man promises to love and to be faithful towards his lover.

I’ll Go on Loving You…

Kieran Kane wrote the words and lyrics of “I’ll Go on Loving You.” Alan Jackson recorded and released in July 1998. It was the lead single from his album “High Mileage.” There is also another version of the song in Portuguese entitled “Vou Seguir Te Amando” featuring the Brazilian singer Leonardo.

Moreover, at the time of its release, the song became Alan Jackson’s highest-debuting single. It debuted at number thirty-five. Then, it peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Besides “I’ll Go on Loving You,” there were another four singles of the same album which entered Billboard Top 10. These were “Right on the Money” which placed at number one, “Gone Crazy” at number four, “Little Man” at number three, and “A Woman’s Love” at number five.

Alan Jackson is widely known for his timeless ballad “Remember When.” A song we can always remember his journey, name, and legacy. But before Alan Jackson rose to prominence, he sang in a church. He started singing and listening to the Christian Gospels. Moreover, he founded a band in his late teens. Then, at the age of 27, along with his wife Denise, they moved to Nashville to pursue his singing career. And now, he’s the Alan Jackson, one of the best country artists of all time.

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