August 31

Back from Break: Katelyn and Kane Brown to Duet ‘Mad at This World’

Katelyn and Kane Brown, we expect nothing less from these two stars as they are up helping each other through the combination of their steadfast passion.

If you have not been keeping up on the news, this couple just had a baby, an adorable daughter named Kinglsey Rose who had been her mama and papa’s world since October 2019. As for Katelyn’s music career, family love has to go first so she decided to temporarily take a break from the show business to take care of her baby.

Watch out as Katelyn gets back into the stage through an awaited duet with her husband Kane Brown.

Kane Brown’s Secret Weapon

But as Kingsley grows up at such a fast rate, Katelyn slowly regains time for herself. Not wanting to waste any of it, she’s eager to get back on track in her career through the help of her husband Kane.

In his recent interviews, Kane Brown revealed their upcoming duet. Katelyn also needed some stepping ground to gain her groove back in the music stage.

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Kane describes Katelyn as his ‘secret weapon’ and having a duet with his wife is something that he has anticipated for a long time. As for their duet song ‘Mad at This World,’ he said that it was a wonderfully written song and was perfect for him and Katelyn.

Although there are no release dates set for the duet yet, the couples’ fans are expecting it to be the cream of the crop on Kane Brown’s upcoming album, following his recently released seven-song EP, Mixtape Vol. 1.

One with the World

Kane also shared that during times like these, he honestly would prefer composing his own songs rather than doing covers or tributes to existing artists. But soon after hearing ‘Mad at This World,’ he immediately got hooked by its message for empathy. He said that it was the entire summary of the unfortunate events that occurred in 2020, starting from the tornado brigades and all the wildfires that burnt and killed life dwelling in the forests.

Since Kane and Katelyn have been together from the time our world face these crises, their bond with each other is sure to boost the upcoming duet’s morale. So pay attention to country news as your most anticipated duet may be released any date and time now!


Kane Brown, Katelyn Jae

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