November 26

3-Year-Old Kid Sings “Angels Among Us” and It Is Adorable

One of the most famous songs around the world in the early 1990s was “Angels Among Us.” Released in 1993, it was an inspirational country hit penned by talented songwriters Don Goodman and Becky Hobbs. Country music band Alabama then recorded and popularized it. Originally, it was a Christmas single for the band. However, its popularity grew enormously that it has inspired a lot of people not only in the United States but also around the world.

Alabama lead singer Randy Owen even noted:

“The band (Alabama) received hundreds of letters from all over the world saying that the song was a blessing.”

“Angels Among Us” shone very bright that it has dominated the charts, crossing over from one genre to another. Since then, it has become one of Alabama’s signature hits.

A Young Boy Performs Favorite Alabama Song

The impact of the song has reached a lot of people from different walks of life. Many have expressed their thoughts and said that they were able to connect to the song and its hopeful message.

One of those who was inspired by the powerful song was a little boy whose name is Hewitt. He is just three years old. Hewitt considers “Angels Among Us” as his favorite song. In fact, whenever he rides in the car, he always asks his mom to play it. He would immediately listen and sing along with it.

One day, Hewitt’s mom managed to catch him singing the song. She quickly recorded the memorable moment and she thought it was adorable. Indeed, it was really cute and adorable!

While standing and holding a small picture book, Hewitt began voicing out the first verse of the song. As he advanced to the chorus, Hewitt knew exactly the rhythm and he does it with confidence.

As you witness him perform, you can vividly see that happiness and his eyes. The innocence and naivety that he exudes are just the cutest things you’ll ever see today. His passion and heartfelt rendition – that’s what really won our hearts!

Check out his adorable performance here:


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