One of the most emotional and heartwarming renditions that Wynonna Judd had delivered in her career was when she sang “I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me.

“I Can Only Imagine” and the Wynonna Judd Touch

Originally recorded by contemporary Christian band, Mercy Me, Wynonna Judd’s fine-tuned voice, and passion for God had most of the audience in tears.

She also shared what I Can Only Imagine meant to her. She stated that during the dark times in her life following the loss of her father, the song’s message helped her overcome grief. Wynonna added that she was unfortunate to miss the chance of seeing her earthly father, but she is still blessed because she’ll soon see her heavenly father.

Wynonna Judd also had a lot of things that she would want to give God thanks for. Besides her triumphs, the valuable lessons she learned in her life journey gave rise to her desire to sing “I Can Only Imagine” as her song offering to the Lord. She would sing in almost all of her concerts.

Through her rendition of “I Can Only Imagine,” Wynonna reminded us that whatever trial we face in life, our maker has always been a ready helper. A simple song of thanks to him like Wynonna’s is worth hearing.

The Infectious Duo

Wynonna Judd was known earlier in her career as a part of the mother and daughter tandem, The Judds. They were also known to be one of the most influential duos in the country music industry.

After moving to several addresses while Naomi chases her dream to become a nurse, The Judds finally settled in Franklin, Tennessee with the help of Naomi’s sister, Ashley. This is where their rise to fame began.

In 1983, they were granted an unprecedented sit-down audition with RCA Nashville. This marked the great things that followed for the mother and daughter duo.

Naomi and Wynonna’s first project with RCA was an EP  which consisted of 6 tracks titled “Wynonna and Naomi.” Two of the six songs were released ahead to serve as promotional material. The duo’s rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Had a Dream (For the Heart)” became their debut single which peaked at the 17th spot of the charts.

“Mama He’s Crazy” by Kenny O’Dell also became a hit and in the mid-’80s, it became the first number song for The Judds followed by eight more consecutive number ones. This also earned the Judds their first Grammy Award for Best Country Performance Duo or Group with Vocal the following year.

The Judds’ success continually blossomed when they released their first full-length studio album in 1984. The album firmly established The Judd’s brand of music which also attracted a new generation of female country music fans. The album went on to sell a million copies in the United States.

But the duo hit a road bump in 1990. Naomi Judd contracted hepatitis C from a needle stick during her nursing years. Their final album “Love Can A Build Bridge” was promoted through a farewell tour. They were the most successful duo in country music history winning five Grammy Awards, eight Country Music Association Awards, and 25 singles charting on the Country music charts between 1983 to 2000 with 14 being a number one hit.

Despite Naomi’s retirement, her daughter Wynonna pressed on to start her own solo career. She signed with MCA Records before transferring to Curb. Wynonna also had a very successful solo career charting 25 singles with 4 making it to the top of the charts.

Wynonna and her mother have been working on several reunion tours. The latest started back in 2010. Who would not miss the powerful mother and daughter duo back on the stage again?