June 19

Willie Nelson Releases New Music Video for His Song “It’s Hard to Be Humble”

Willie Nelson continues to be an inspiration even with his age. His new album Ride Me Back Home will be released on June 21, but music videos are dropping left and right. His recent music videos were for his tracks “Ride Me Back Home” and “Last Man Standing.”

This time, he released the official music video for “It’s Hard to be Humble.”

willie nelson, it's hard to be humble
Photo credit: Willie Nelson/Official Facebook Page

Willie Nelson is a Hard Worker

Can you believe that Willie Nelson is already 86 years old? With his age, he’s still able to produce an album with 11 tracks. In the music video, the country legend is seen to be recording and singing in his studio. “It’s Hard to Be Humble” is actually an ironic song for the singer, since he is all about being humble. He lives a simple life in his humble home doing the thing that he loves the most: recording music and smoking weed.

willie nelson, loretta lynn, it's hard to be humble
via Willie Nelson’s official Facebook page

It is the 69th album for the singer. That is a feat only a few artists in the world can achieve in their lifetime. Now, I don’t think anyone can question all the work that he put into his career.

About the Music Video

willie nelson, it's hard to be humble
via Screengrab from YouTube

The song focuses on Willie Nelson singing on his recording studio. He is surrounded by the people that helped him finish his 69th album. In the video, he is shown to be playing with his guitar. That is something that all of his recent music videos have. At the near end of his video, he is joined by two of his sons, Micah and Lukas Nelson. 

The song “It’s Hard to be Humble” is originally written by Mac Davis in 1984. It was written with the intent to shed a light on the beauty that we see in ourselves. We are God’s perfect creation, and the song wants to highlight that.

Watch the captivating performance of Nelson here:


Willie Nelson

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