February 26

Willie Nelson Sings “The Lily of the Valley” to Thank God

Having God in your life helps resolve a lot of things. Also, with God beside you, you will be emotionally and spiritually stable. Moreover, you will have a peaceful life, you will learn the art of being content, and you will also have spiritual security. Further, when humans build a personal relationship with God, they will have spiritual relief and they will find life to be easier. Also, you can easily forgive and forget and your heart will be filled with kindness instead of hatred.

A lot of believers testified to this and said that since they made Him the center of their lives, everything was easier. Actually, this is the main goal of every Christian believer, to put God at the center of everything. Just like the hymn “The Lily of the Valley” which is a good example of what to do best with your life. If you haven’t heard of it yet, better boost up those speakers and let’s listen to the version of Willie Nelson.

willie nelson, the lily of the valley, god
Photo Credits: Willie Nelson/Official Facebook Home Page

The Importance of God in One’s Life

Most people think that since they are young and strong, they will be able to face any challenges but they’re wrong. They need to have a superior being who is always there to guide and help them. He is no other than God. Challenges will often leave you alone, lost, and battered. But there is a solution for you to be able to overcome this, just go to God.

willie nelson, the lily of the valley, god
Photo Credits: Willie Nelson/Official Facebook Home Page

Willie Nelson and his Gospel Side

He is the only key and solution to your problem, just like what the hymn “The Lily of the Valley” says. I bet that once you hear this hit, it will touch your soul. For the meantime.

Let’s listen to the version of Willie Nelson and be blessed.


God, the lily of the valley, Willie Nelson

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