August 29

Reviving Faith with George Strait’s “Three Nails and a Cross”

“Three Nails and a Cross” is included in George Strait’s twenty-seventh album, Here for a Good Time, which was released on the 6th of September 2011.

It was co-written by Bobby Boyd, Dillon, George Strait, and Strait’s son Bubba.

During the time of the release, thirty years had passed after his debut and the album in itself was considered adventurous even for George Strait songs. “Three Nails and a Cross,” in particular, surely moved the core of people’s faith with its relatable lyrics and sincere message. 

The song is a gospel song that heavily talks about the topic of forgiveness. It was quite clear that the song was a take on the crucifixion, which is crucial for Christians who believe that God sacrificed his one and only son as a sacrifice to atone for humankind’s sins. 

A common statement that you would hear when forgiveness is the topic of discussion is “how dare a man not to forgive when God Himself has forgiven men.” Forgiveness may be one of the hardest things to give, and this song has certainly raised similar discussion among its listeners. 

Along with other songs in the album, “Three Nails and a Cross” is considered a comfort country music you can be at ease listening to when your faith is in doubt.

The album sold 91,414 copies in its first week and received a nomination for Best Country Album at the 54th Grammy Awards.

Take a listen to George Strait’s “Three Nails and Cross” in the video below!


George Strait

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