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“I’d Rather Have Jesus” in Willie Nelson’s Gospel Album

Willie Nelson’s “I’d Rather Have Jesus”

Willie Nelson I'd Rather Have Jesus
Photo Credit: Willie Nelson/ by Screengrab

Willie Nelson recorded the song “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” The song was released in August 2013, as one of his singles from the album, Farther Along.

In 1992, the hymn was written by Rhea Miller and George Beverly Shea, who helped her on composing the music. George’s realizations in life made her think of creating the song. As he played his piano and began putting a tune on the song, his mother heard him. His mother was amazed by how good the music was. Furthermore, he was asked by his mother to sing the song at their church.

 George’s life had changed. He was given an opportunity to sing the hymn worldwide.

About the Song

Willie Nelson I'd Rather Have Jesus
Photo Credit: Willie Nelson/ by Screengrab

Every single word of the hymn shows how the narrator dedicates and commits his life to Jesus. As an ordinary person, how will you commit yourself to God? It may be difficult to do it but trust me, it is not. Perhaps, you only need to let Jesus enter your life. If you allow him, then there is no reason for you to worry about the things you can’t have. Above all the worries, disappointments, and failures you face in your life; don’t let those reasons hinder you from worshiping Him. Instead, let those be an instrument for you to trust God more.

This song will let you know that there are no permanent things in this world but the love that is given by God. The pain you are feeling right now is just temporary for you are with Him. Make God the center of your life.

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