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Where Did Toby Keith Draw Inspiration for His Song Made in America?

Toby Keith Made in America

Toby Keith’s song, Made in America, is the artist’s chart-topping expression of patriotism. The artist is known to have several songs under his belt that articulate his love for America. It’s safe to say that expressing his passionate feelings for his motherland is a long-standing theme in many of the Toby Keith Songs we love.

That said, Made in America by Toby Keith was written because of the artist’s recurring conversation with his colleagues. It’s about weighing the pros and cons of supporting products labeled “Made in America.”

The song starts with Keith talking about his father. He describes him as a man that fits the stereotype of what many would call a classic patriot. The song says he was hard-working and “lives off the land,” implying his rural-based and rugged origins. 

Keith continues describing him as someone who lives his life upright. He then says it pains his father to see foreign goods flooding the American market. His father even commits to buying items made in America, despite coming at a higher price than their imported counterparts. 

The song clarifies that such actions aren’t because of hatred towards other countries. Instead, it is because of his affection for his homeland and the strong desire to support it. It’s not difficult to see how proud Toby Keith is to consider his father as someone who is, in essence, “made in America.”

Toby Keith’s “Made in America” is his first track on Clancy’s Tavern, his 15th album. The album got released under Show Dog-Universal Music in June 2011. It became one of Keith’s most successful songs. It managed to climb to the number 40 spot on Billboard Hot 100. If you’re in the mood for an excellent patriotic song, you can listen to it now by clicking here.