"Mockingbird": Toby Keith & Daughter Krystal Vocal Showdown 1

Toby Keith and daughter Krystal share a hug onstage after performing “Mockingbird”. Photo Credits: foxnews.com

Krystal Keith and The Powerful Duet

Toby Keith has some serious influence on his family. His career as a country music artist has a great impact especially to his daughter Krystal Keith who is also paving her way as a country music artist. Krystal made her first national television appearance when she was just 17 years old. She and her dad performed the 1963 pop song “Mockingbird” on the CMT Awards night in 2004.

Prior to the performance of the father and daughter, Toby and Krystal had recorded “Mockingbird” for his 2004 album, Greatest Hits 2. They recorded the song in Nashville, Tennessee. Good friends and country music producers James Stroud and Lari White co-produced the track with Keith. Furthermore, Krystal also has performed in Toby’s previous concerts. In one of his latest concerts, she sang the national anthem.

In one of his interviews, Toby revealed:

“Krystal and I used to sing ’Mockingbird’ at home all the time. Krystal is an incredible singer, and it is just as good as it gets to work with her. She did a great job on the song and I am so proud of her.”

On the other hand, Krystal considers Toby her megastar father. She admitted:

“As a songwriter, as a vocalist – and he’s also my dad, so I get the best of all worlds wrapped up in one person.”

Many music critics say that they see a good career stardom ahead of Krystal. Like her father, she can be a superstar too in her own right. Truly, they are a living proof of the famous quote, “like father, like daughter“.

Watch the father-daughter duet of Toby Keith and Krystal performing classic hit “Mockingbird”:

“Mockingbird”: About the Song

A 1963 pop song, “Mockingbird” was penned and originally recorded by Inez and Charlie Foxx. It was based on the lullaby “Hush Little Baby“. Although the song was successful with their recording, it was the version of American singer-songwriters Carly Simon and James Taylor that became a hit.

"Mockingbird": Toby Keith & Daughter Krystal Vocal Showdown 2

Carly Simon and James Taylor performing onstage. Photo Credits: rollingstone.com

Simon and Taylor recorded and released a remake of the song in 1973. It became the lead single from Simon’s 1974 studio album Hotcakes. Actually, it was Taylor who came up with the idea of remaking “Mockingbird“, which he and his sister had often sung before.

Mockingbird” was a chart-topper in the 70’s. It peaked at no. 5 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart while no. 10 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Selling 10 million copies across the country, it was certified Gold by the RIAA.

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