January 14

Heroes Now and Forever: “The Hero” by Kevin Costner & Modern West

Becoming a hero comes in many ways; a soldier from a war, a person battling a particular illness, or someone trying to get through tough times. 

American country rock band Kevin Costner & Modern West treated everyone at Rolling Stone by singing their song, “The Hero,” which the band released in September 2011 in their album From Where I Stand.

The Song’s Dedication

Before singing “The Hero,” Kevin Costner made a small dedication. He mentioned that they were about to perform the song for the soldiers coming home from Afghanistan and Iraq. He said that the song deals with unseen wounds that are often difficult to perceive and notice. The saddest part of his speech was about teenagers, from 18 to 20 years old, going to war and seeing things that they shouldn’t see yet at that age. As our bravest people come home, we see them normally, yet to them, everything has completely changed. 

The Performance

“The Hero,” performed by Kevin Costner & Modern West, started strong with the electric guitar. Although the song flows smoothly and slowly, they performed with such emotion and feeling that you could sense the eeriness of the music itself.

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The men playing the guitars, electric and acoustic, including Kevin, showed off their exceptional talent during the middle part of the song as they played all out. The band, drums, guitars, and backing vocals have wonderfully done their part as they played perfectly throughout the song.

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Fans have praised Kevin Costner & Modern West for singing “The Hero” because the lyrics are deep and touching, and their overall performance gave them goosebumps and chills. Others dubbed “The Hero” the “best song ever” as it serves as a reminder for those who went to war and others who are at war within themselves.

Watch their chilling live performance right here.


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