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Listen To An Inspiring Love Story In Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take The Girl”

Full of ups and downs when it comes to love, Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take The Girl” takes you for a spin in the inspiring love story of a man named Johnny and his wife.

Slow Song For Love

With the slow strumming of a guitar, Tim McGraw’s solid vocals and mid-tempo melody that fits the whole concept, “Don’t Take The Girl” is a perfect song that’s both inspiring and heart-wrenching. It even has bitter-sweet lyrics that’ll make you believe in the power of true love, isn’t that sweet?

The riveting tale started when the protagonist named Johnny met a girl when he and his father headed out to go fishing one day. Although it was fine weather to go out in the water and there are plenty of rooms for all of them, the young boy doesn’t want the girl to come with them even though she has her fishing rod.

A couple of years later, the second verse opens up with the two of them as teenagers. The two have fallen in love and started dating, which is a sweet surprise. They decided to watch a film on the “picture show” (now known as a movie theatre), but tragedy started when the couple was standing outside the place, and a man pointed a gun at them. Johnny surrendered his wallet, money, credit cards, and a watch from his grandfather for the safety of his girlfriend. Well, it worked, and the crook runs away.

The last verse and chapter of the story is the thing that makes people cry. Johnny and the girl got married and are expecting their first child. They experienced a complication during the delivery and had the girl in danger. His faith was tested with his knees collapsing and praying to God that she’ll survive. It even got to the point where he asked for his life to be taken away instead of his wife. In the end, Johnny’s wife does survive.

Critical Song Reception

Tim McGraw songs are always chart-topping, and this single is no stranger to that success. Impressively, it’s McGraw’s first number one hit on the Hot Country Songs chart. The song reached number one on the Canadian country charts too. Fans even say that it’s the song that has drawn them to country music. 

Meanwhile, critics like Deborah Evans Price of Billboard magazine and Southern sports celebrity Brandon Walker have only positive feedback. They perceived the song to be deserving of calling it a top country hit.

Listen to the inspiring love story of Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take The Girl” below.


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