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Game On! The Voice Season 19 Soon to Launch with Noticeable Changes


Four legends are coming back on stage as The Voice premieres for its 19th season. Coming from different music genres, coaches Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Country’s very own Blake Shelton hold their clinches because not even the pandemic is powerful enough to crush their passion.

All Set and Ready!

The same crew, staff, and stage, all are ready if we only subtract the audience for an exhilarating experience in The Voice stage. Deducting the live audience’s seats from the studio, social distancing would not be a problem for the network because the red rotating chairs that we truly love which also decide the participant’s fate in the competition is now positioned 8-feet apart. Apparently, the staff also made the stage quite a little bigger, settling the battle is pure auditory prowess.

Innovative Ways to Produce Entertainment

No, it wouldn’t be boring at all. The coaches themselves prepared some fancy gimmicks to make the show a little more endearing for the viewers. Remember those fancy commemorative things that coaches give to the members who recently made the team? Sucks on physically handing out the prize, Stefani had a custom-made hand cannon to launch the award to the contestant. It doesn’t always work like a charm though but the show got them covered. They had a long hand-shaped pole ready to fetch the award from the failed launch to hand directly to the winner.


Going for the Cream of the Crop

In season 19, let’s just say that The Voice has to temporarily kiss goodbye those congratulatory hugs and handshakes to prevent the spread of diseases. But that’s fine because innovative thinking and exemplary voices are good enough to suffice the entertainment we receive from the show. Lucky for those participants who have stage-fright, they got the competition in the bag.

NBC is generous enough to show these gimmicks but unfortunately, they must’ve prepared an element of surprise because no beans are spilled when it comes to some changes in the show mechanics. A few questions remain though, what would happen to the famous battle rounds and knockout rounds that we loved since 2012? How are the coaches going to mentor their team? But all these will be revealed when the time is ripe on their premiere in October 19.

One thing is certain though, the unwavering efforts of the coaches to bring satisfactory singers to the industry are never changing. This might become the most unique edition of ‘The Voice” but the coaches are all eyes on the cream of the crop of the season.