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Why “The Cheap Seats” is One of the Most Hilarious Alabama Songs


If you’re are a big fan of baseball and country music, then the song “The Cheap Seats” is definitely for you.

Take the song for what it is, enjoying the people who are sports fanatics. We all know this kind of people who are obsessed with sports, and they make it a point to watch everything. Though they have to spend a lot of money if they want to watch games, so the solution would be ‘the cheap seats.’

cheap seats, alabama
via Alabama’s Official Facebook Page

All About the Cheap Seats

Alabama is easily one of the most recognized country bands of all time. They have been making music since 1969. They usually delve into country rock, but the band wanted to offer another taste of their style.

cheap seats, alabama
via Screen frame from Youtube

The song “The Cheap Seats” is comical in every angle. Everything was thought out of from the message of the song to the music video. On the music video, the band goes to a baseball game. It was filmed at Engel Stadium in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and in Fort Payne, Alabama.

If you listen to the song, the lyrics would suggest what goes down after watching a baseball game. There is a celebration afterward and you go to a bar and have a drink. Whether your team wins or lose, you just have to enjoy watching the sport.

Being a Huge Baseball Fan

The songwriter, Randy Sharp, says the song was inspired by his friend Marcus Hummon. Marcus is a huge baseball fan, so they built the music around it. Randy said this about Marcus:

“Marcus talked about going out there sometimes alone, being the only guy out there cheering, because he was such a fan. So we were laughing about the visual of this: two guys out there doing the wave by themselves, and yelling at the umpire. And the visual is so funny we just started jotting this stuff down. And the concept of the cheap seats – we weren’t the first ones to come up with that – but it put our characters, these guys that never missed a game, in an appropriate kind of every-guy role, in those seats.”


And that is how they came up with the song. You can check Alabama’s funny music video here:


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