April 29

Jesse Keith Whitley Dedicates “Tell Lorrie I Love Her” to His Mom

Keith Whitley may have lived only for a short time, but he influenced the world of country music in a way we can never forget. Whitley gave us songs such as “When You Say Nothing at All,” “Miami, My Amy,” and more, that country artists are inspired to cover. However, there are also songs he recorded that not many dare to make a version of, one of which is “Tell Lorrie I Love Her.”

Keith Whitley Tell Lorie I Love Her Jesse Keith Whitley
Photo Credit: Keith Whitley/ Official Facebook Page

“Tell Lorrie I Love Her”

This hauntingly beautiful song was written by Whitley for his wife, Lorrie Morgan. He wrote the song and recorded it for his friend to sing on his wedding day. “Tell Lorrie I Love Her” was only released to the public on Whitley’s posthumous album Greatest Hits. It was never released as a single, but many people fell in love with this song.

Here’s Whitley’s recording of the song.

Keith Whitley’s Dedication to Lorrie Morgan

“Tell Lorrie I Love Her” is Whitley’s love letter to Morgan. Instead of addressing the letter directly her, he sent someone to tell how much he loves her.

Tell Lorrie I love her, tell Lorrie I need her
Tell her everything would be okay if I could just see her
Tell Lorrie I love her, tell Lorrie I need her
And if I leave this whole world, tell her she’s the only girl for me

Jesse Keith Whitley’s Performance

Anyone can deliver Whitley’s message to his wife even his son, Jesse Keith Whitley. In a show where Jesse was performing, he dedicated a song to his mother. He called her on stage and said that the song he’s about to sing was a dedication to his mother from his dad. After Jesse’s performance, he shared an embrace with his mom.

Grab your tissues, folks, as we take a look at this wonderful dedication of Jesse to his mom, from his dad.


Jesse Keith Whitley, Lorrie Morgan

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