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Collin Raye

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Collin Raye Mourns Death Of His Brother, Scotty Wray

Collin Raye Is Grieving The Death of His Brother, Scotty Wray

Collin Raye said goodbye to his dearly departed brother Scotty Wray, who passed away in an Arkansas care facility on Friday night, February 18. The ’90s ...

Everything You Need To Know About Collin Raye

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Collin Raye

Collin Raye is one of the most celebrated country music artists who helped define the ’90s era. You have probably heard of his songs like ‘Love, ...

Top 10 Collin Raye Songs You Should Definitely Listen To

Top 10 Collin Raye Songs You Should Definitely Listen To

Collin Raye songs always had this signature storytelling that touched people’s souls. His songs talked a lot about love – from the magical feeling of falling ...

Collin Raye's "One Boy, One Girl"

Fall In Love With Collin Raye’s ‘One Boy, One Girl’

Collin Raye’s ‘One Boy, One Girl’ is a story that unfolds the magic of real love. It starts with the story of love at first sight. A ...

Collin Raye's "Love, Me"

Collin Raye’s ‘Love, Me’ Is A Song For All Love That Endures

Collin Raye’s ‘Love, Me’ tells a story of love that endures even after death, and it’s one of the songs that really hit you hard and touches ...

Collin Raye's "In This Life"

Feel The Butterflies Again With Collin Raye’s In This Life

Listening to Collin Raye’s ‘In This Life’ will definitely make you feel the butterflies again. This is one of the Collin Raye songs that have peaked at ...

Collin Raye and 4 of His Remarkable Songs about Social Issues

Collin Raye consistently used his stardom to raise awareness on social issues. He supported many organizations like Al-Non, Special Olympics, The Life and Hope Network to ...

“Love, Me:” An Inspiring Love Song by Collin Raye

It is best to bring back those happy memories we had in the past especially those days when we have no idea that we will meet ...

A Love Song from Collin Raye, “Man of My Word”

Most of the time, a lot of people will make promises without committing to it. Anyhow, once a promise is made it should be kept. In ...