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February 15, 2019


February 15, 2019


February 15, 2019

Meet Josh Arnett and Aaron Gray, our singing contractors who have found a creative and effective way to impart what they have in Christ.  They’re living examples of the possibility to express faith without the need to be antagonistic of others’ belief systems and current lifestyles.

© @TheSingingContractors
© @TheSingingContractors

Long-time work partners in home renovations, Josh and Aaron make singing on site a brief diversion until the idea of recording and uploading came to their mind. Their contents have become popular across YouTube and Facebook as they beautifully cover Southern gospel songs and hymns. Let’s look back on their mini-journey to fame.

Swoon-worthy Video Built a Stairway to Stardom

It all began with an on the spot collaboration with a local pastor, Paul Bigger in one of their work assignments. The trio delivered a three-part rendition of the evergreen hymn, “How Great Thou Art.” As what became a hobby to these contractors, every song filmed were put online. No longer newbies to audience’s critiques, Josh and Aaron took singing and recording on site as a healthy outlet. But when their clip of “How Great Thou Art” amassed over a million views within 24 hours of upload, these two good ole boys were flabbergasted. Soon, they got invitations to several interviews and TV appearances.

Where are They Now?

Contractors by Day. Singers by Night. The tag line on their website aptly describes these two Indiana natives about their unique identity as artists.

Locally popular, it did not take long for Mark Lowry to get interested in their gigs. Lowry, himself, shared a couple of their videos online which further boosted their fame. Bill Gaither took them also in his wings. Just this February 1st, Josh and Aaron released their first album, “Working on A Building, Hymns, and Gospel Classics” with Gaither Music Group.

“The Singing Contractors are the real deal. It is no wonder millions of people are following them on social media. What you see is what you get, and they were a delight to work with.”
– Bill Gaither, Founder, Gaither Music Group-

The Singing Contractors Thoughts on their Unexpected Fame

“Aaron and I both grew up traveling with our families and singing, but didn’t think about making a career of it ourselves. We’re contractors – and the callouses on our hands are our resumes – so we’re just amazed that God can take two simple, hard-working guys and use us in this way.”

– Josh Arnett, –

“As far as the fame [goes], it’s never something we wanted or asked for, it’s just something that God has placed in our laps, and we’re just trusting that we can get his message of hope out there.”
– Aaron Gray,


Aaron Gray, Josh Arnett



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