January 25

Divine Comedy in Mark Lowry’s “The Old Sanctuary”

Too much on your plate? Here’s a happy pill from Christian Comedian, Mark Lowry.

Tell me, when was the last time you laughed? Understandably, the chaos around us speedily drains our energy and deprives us of real joy. But, thank God for Mark Lowry’s comedy acts like this “The Old Sanctuary.” Have fun watching but don’t forget to pass it on. You’ll never know who could be helped by this one random clip.

Mark Lowry as the Comedy Genius

He’s known worldwide for his stints with The Gaither Vocal Band from 1988 to 2001. Mark, however, began his career, not as a comedian buts as a plain, gospel singer. The discovery of his potential as a humorist happened during an evangelistic event where he was one of the appointed singers. There were delays in between the shift of tracks. Instinctively, Lowry filled in the gaps of long pauses with monologues. The audience was hooked in an instant. Since then, he has delighted millions with his story-telling where he delivers profound truths through humor.

Despite his “poster boy of hyper-activity” image, Mark Lowry’s a deep thinker and a theologian. In case we’re not aware yet, he’s the brain behind the earnest wordings of the popular Christian hymn, “Mary Did You Know.” Though penned in the early 1980s, the song continues to break records through various recording artists including Reba McEntire, Michael English, Kenny Rogers, Sandi Patty, Rascal Flatts, and Pentatonix. In 2016, Lowry released his version with a capella group, Octave.

Check Out His Other Re-MARK-able Works

They say laughter is good medicine for the heart. Hence, you might want to have one of the following:

Mark Lowry: Mouth in Motion (Long Form Music Video of the Year, 25th GMA Dove Awards in 1994), Mark Lowry: My First Comedy Video (1988), Mark Lowry: The Last Word (1992), Mark Lowry: Remotely Controlled (1995), Mark Lowry on Broadway (2000), Mark Lowry Goes to Hollywoo (2005)


Gaither Vocal Band, Mark Lowry

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