Sierra Ferrell + The Sea


Riley Johnson


March 5, 2024


March 5, 2024


March 5, 2024

The opening track, “The Sea,” of Sierra Ferrell’s critically acclaimed 2021 label debut album Long Time Coming, is a captivating blend of folk, bluegrass, and country influences. And it’s hard not to get entranced in her wandering and whimsical glory as you listen to the tune. We’d even dare to say that you’d find yourself a fan after finishing it. Yes, it’s that good. 

Despite Long Time Coming being Sierra Ferrell’s official album debut in August 2021, she was hardly a novice. She honed her craft by performing for smaller crowds and captivating them with her stage presence. In fact, those who had followed her before she earned the attention of Rounder Records had already listened to “The Sea.” That is, she released the track two years prior in her Washington by the Sea album.

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And now, she’s stormed onto the scene with a head-turning song, co-produced by Stu Hibberd and Grammy Award winner Gary Paczosa, garnering significant praise for its unique sound, powerful vocals, and evocative lyrics.

Meaning Behind the Song

“The Sea” is a song that doesn’t tell you a story. Instead, it stands as an invitation for a visceral experience of the water. The lyrics paint a picture using senses: the cool wind, the feeling of being engulfed, and the sound of the waves. There’s a subtle hint of danger mentioned, ebbing and flowing. And throughout the song, the speaker expresses a personal connection to the sea, inexplicably being lulled to it. 

The song then ends with a statement about needing to be “tamer,” leaving a sense of mystery and intrigue about the relationship between the speaker and the sea. 

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Sound-wise, the track unfolds with a steady pulse bluegrass instrumental, creating the foundation for a hypnotizing rhythm and haunting melody. Her powerful vocals, both vulnerable and strong, seamlessly weave with the instrumentation, captivating listeners with the sea’s duality – the allure and the danger. The driving tempo and evocative lyrics create a mesmerizing soundscape, leaving audiences both live and online captivated by its unique blend of country, bluegrass, and jazz.

Unveil the mystery of the sea with Sierra Ferrell‘s “The Sea” in the video below. 


Sierra Ferrell



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