November 26

RuPaul says that Dolly Parton is the Most Fabulous Person in the World

Drag superstar and supermodel, RuPaul is a huge fan of Dolly Parton and it shows.  In the interview of Vanity Fair, the face of Drag Race spoke about how much he thinks of country legend, Dolly Parton.

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RuPaul Charles Speaks Highly of Dolly Parton

Since RuPaul is all about elegance and fabulous living, it was only fair to ask him who he thinks is the most fabulous person besides himself. The drag superstar then quickly answered Dolly Parton. I mean, can we really disagree with him? Dolly has been a staple drag icon in the community and her sense of style has been referenced by most of the drag queens that we love today like All stars 3 alleged winner Trixie Mattel.

RuPaul says that Dolly Parton is the Most Fabulous Person in the World 1

RuPaul has always been a huge fan of fabulous pop stars like Diana Ross so it is quite flattering for him to mention the country legend first. Dolly loves the drag community and has also been a huge supporter of the art form so this might be one of the reasons he chose her. At the same time, we really can’t disagree with Ru when we see Dolly in all of her glorious form.

We have yet to see the country legend be a judge on the show but we are hoping that someday, we will witness these two interacting. Seeing these fabulous person signifies a crossover of the art of drag and country music, something that we rarely see.

Words to Live By

“Unless they payin’ your bills pay them bitches no mind.”

When it comes to wise words of advice, Ru always has something up his sleeve. However, one quote has always been his motto in life and it was something that he learned from his mother. In the industry, you need to have thick skin to survive your critics so what he says is something that people should consider thinking a lot more.

Watch as he answers increasingly personal questions here:


Dolly Parton, rupaul

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