March 19

Ronnie Milsap Collaborates with George Strait for “Houston Solution”

We all know that Ronnie Milsap recently released his newest album Ronnie Milsap: The Duets last January. It was a collection of duets with outstanding artists such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Montgomery Gentry, Leon Russell, and many more. Some of the songs in his album feature old recordings of Milsap and other artists, like Russell and Milsap’s “Misery Loves Company,” which was recorded before his death.

Ronnie Milsap George Strait Houston Solution
Photo Credit: Ronnie Milsap/ Official Facebook Page

Ronnie Milsap and George Strait’s Collaboration

One amazing recording included in Milsap’s album is “Houston Solution.” It is a recording where he worked with George Strait. Milsap once toured with Strait, and he was amazed by the crowd who supported them. Milsap also considered him to be one of his favorite artists.

George Strait’s Admiration of Ronnie Milsap

Milsap was not the only one who praised Strait for his great work. Strait shared to Entertainment Weekly that he always loved Milsap’s song “Houston Solution.” In addition, he also stated that he was a big fan of Milsap, how he chooses the best songs for his album and his talent in playing the piano. We definitely agree with Strait too!

“I know he inspired me…from his great piano playing to his amazing range vocally that he uses so tastefully. He also knows how to pick great songs and is a great entertainer. He’s not in the Hall of Fame for nothing, folks.”

The Original “Houston Solution”

“Houston Solution” was a classic song recorded by Milsap in the late ’80s. It was a recording from his album Stranger Things Have Happened. When it was released as a single from his album the song went straight to number four on the country chart. In addition, it secured a spot on the Canadian chart.

Let’s check out this great collaboration from two Country Hall of Famer artists.


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