January 11

LeAnn Rimes and Her Powerful Version of “Amazing Grace”

All Christians know that we are not worthy to be saved because of our sins. Hence, we should be punished and be thrown into the depths of hell to suffer for eternity. But due to God’s grace, we are pardoned. Thus, He sent His only son as a sacrifice. This is one of the famous examples of the grace of God. If we read through the Bible, there will be a lot more passages that we will encounter. Do you even realize how vast God’s grace is? We are blessed, showered with strength when a problem strikes, and guided every day. Through our life journey, He is always there for us. Just like the hit “Amazing Grace” which talks a lot of the things about God’s grace. For now, let us listen to the version of LeAnn Rimes.

The Sensational Artist

She is considered to be similar to Patsy Cline due to her vocal style. In addition, she is regarded as the youngest country music star to rise to fame at the age of thirteen. Moreover, this artist was able to sell more than 37 million records worldwide. She is one of the most successful singers of her generation. Her hit, “How Do I Live,” was considered as the most successful song in the ’90s. I hope that you did not forget the ever talented LeAnn Rimes, who is not just a singer, but also an actress and an author.

LeAnn Rimes and Her Powerful Version of “Amazing Grace” 1
Photo Credits: LeAnn Rimes Official Home Page

 The Hit that Talks about God’s Grace

This hymn was published in 1779 by John Newton and it has become famous since then. Further, the song is considered as the most favorite gospel hymn of all time. Plus, it is estimated that this is being performed 10 million times annually. I hope that “Amazing Grace” is your favorite gospel hymn, too. It’s not avoidable that a lot of singers made their own interpretation and LeAnn Rimes is one of them. But, let’s not compare who sang it better, let’s just enjoy the song.



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