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Interesting Facts to Know About Rising Country Star, Red Shahan!

With the number of new country music artists popping out each year, only a few can stand out and make it to the top. Red Shahan, for instance, is among the 1% who will take over the industry soon, so to know more about him, here are some facts you should note. 

Red Shahan Is a Native West Texan

Red Shahan, also known as the rising country music star of West Texas, released his debut single, “Men and Coyotes,” in the summer of 2015. 

Growing up in the vast desolation of West Texas, influenced Shahan to love country music. His hometown has become the perfect backdrop for the stories he is about to write as a singer. 

In an emotional article he wrote for Saving Country Music, Shahan stated that West Texas is an ideal place to get lost and find better versions of themselves.

Becoming A Singer Wasn’t His First Choice

Like most of us, Shahan had a long list of career options. At first, he thought he would become a known baseball player, a rodeo perhaps, or even a firefighter. 

But when he started haunting the Lubbock club circuit, he eventually decided to make music his life’s path. 

A Father of Three 

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It may come as a surprise to many, but Red Shahan is already a father of three. He had two twin daughters around 2016 or 2017, while his youngest, a boy, Ozzie Dean Shahan, was born in June 2023. 

Private but Famous

Compared to other rising country singers, Red Shahan still ensures that he only shares glimpses of his life off-stage on social media. He rarely shares pictures of him during his birthday, updates about his family, and daily activities.

But despite that, he remained one of the most sought-after rising artists today. His mysterious aura and creative taste in music are probably what got fans hooked.  

He Loves Performing the Old Fashioned Way

Since the start of the new musical era, the majority of artists have usually conducted their performances in stadiums, music festivals, and private convention halls. 

Although Red Shahan also performs in such places, fans have noticed that the rising country singer prefers to play and sing the old-fashioned way. 

As a born Texan, Shahan has continued the tradition of performing country songs in local taverns and bars – making him different from other new country artists. 

Still Keeping the Old Country Vibe

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Since the beginning of the 21st century, although several country singers have started to debut every year, only a few can keep the old country vibe alive. 

The majority have incorporated some modern twist into their musical compositions, while others have started mixing country and pop tunes into their works. 

It is rare for us to hear good old classic feels in country music today. However, it seems like Red Shahan has kept that timeless vibe alive with his songs like “Water Bill” and “Culberson County.”

So, if you want to know more facts about Red Shahan, you can follow him on his Instagram @red_shahan for more updates. 


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