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Reba McEntire Favors Affection Over Luxury in her Classic hit “Little Rock”


Reba’s Early Hit

During a time in the ’80s where a lot of women are singing about “diamond being a girl’s best friend,” Reba McEntire had another thought in mind. Under her Album “Whoever’s in New England,” she sang about wanting more affection from her lover instead of the material things that he is giving.

Reba McEntire is the only female country artist to have a number 1 hit in four straight decades: the ’80s, ’90s, 2000s, and 2010s. Now this song is one of her hits in the ’80s that has a timely message put into it.

Penned by Bob Dipiero, Gerald House, Gerry House, and others, this song may still hold its significance because of today’s marriage culture.

reba mcentire
via Reba McEntire’s official Facebook account

Reba Has Something to Say

In her song, she wanted to emphasize that men should not focus on giving their wife grander things. That is not what marriage is supposed to be like. What women usually want is to feel that they are loved. To know that they are given time by their partner because that is what matters.

We see this kind of problem with today’s high profile couples. They usually dote on their partners and only show their love through material things. Love is being lost in the process resulting in divorces being filed left and right.

It is about time that we scale back and really know the important thing in a relationship, real love.

Lyrics Breakdown

reba mcentire
via Screen frame from Youtube

Oh Little Rock
Think I’m gonna have to slip you off
Take a chance tonight and untie the knot
There’s more to life than what I’ve got
I’m gonna find someone who really cares a lot
When I slip off this little rock

The song was inspired by the story of a woman who had everything but felt nothing. The only thing that she had was an expensive diamond wedding ring. The material things were the only ones that she really had that she needed to leave.

In the song, Reba sings about her plan to leave and find someone that she really loves and will love her back. The husband was never in a picture so the only option is to let go of the “little rock” (as a symbol of all the material things) and move on.

Listen to the song here:

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